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Unlock that high performance you have always wanted with our fast & powerful cloud servers. Get more with our dedicated resources, full root access, flexible plans, and an easy-to-manage network infrastructure!

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Plans & Pricing For Cloud Server Per Hour

We provide fast, affordable & secure hosting all over the world.
ProcessorMemoryBandwidthPriceStorage Price
1 Core1GB500GB$0.0053/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
1 Core2GB500GB$0.0068/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
2 Cores2GB1TB$0.0090/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
2 Cores4GB2TB$0.0128/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
4 Cores4GB2TB$0.0165/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
4 Cores8GB2TB$0.0233/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
8 Cores8GB4TB$0.0315/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
8 Cores16GB5TB$0.0450/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
12 Cores24GB10TB$0.0668/hour $0.00015/GB/hour
16 Cores32GB12TB$0.0885/hour $0.00015/GB/hour

The Perfect Cloud Servers for You

The future is already at hand, and you cannot afford to be slowed down when the most reliable cloud servers are here.

With N6 Cloud Servers, you get to have a ton more with every plan you choose. All our plans include

One-click Cloud Server Control Panel

Manage your Cloud Servers like a pro with our easy-to-use cloud server control panel. From here, you can easily manage multiple cloud servers, choosing when to start, stop, or upgrade a cloud server, with a simple click of a button.

Full Root Access

Are you a professional developer or an IT team? We provide full root access so you can have the freedom to configure your cloud server to suit your needs.

Advanced Storage Systems

We use SAN-Storage Raid 10 SAS SSD drives to guarantee your data’s security and ready availability. These powerful and highly advanced storage systems provide up to a 24x boost on your IO performance and speed

Pay-as-you-go Hourly Billing

You no longer have to pay for what you are not using. With us, you only pay for what you are using, as you can easily upgrade the resources you are using or stop & restart your cloud servers whenever you want. In the end, you only get to pay for the number of hours and resources used in a month.

No Traffic Restrictions

No matter how fast your traffic grows, you never have to worry if you can keep using your current bandwidth. Our cloud servers do not have any limitations on how much traffic is available to a specific bandwidth.

Automatic Backup Restoration as a Service

You can choose to have all your data backed up automatically, so you have a reliable backup in case of data loss.  We further provide instant data restoration with a few clicks of the button.

Rapid Setup

Unlike most providers who take hours to set up cloud servers, deploying your cloud infrastructure with N6 Cloud only takes a few seconds as we have everything on standby for you. You will further appreciate that no technical knowledge is required to create, clone, and use our cloud servers.

Free Snapshots

With N6 Cloud, you get up to three free snapshots. Simply log into your N6 Cloud client panel, find your cloud server and click the snapshot button. You can also restore a snapshot with a click.

Support a Variety of OS and Apps

We do not believe in limitations, which is why we give you the freedom to build and upgrade your cloud server with an OS or app of your choice.  Our cloud servers support CentOS, Magenta, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Debian, WordPress, plus many more.

High-powered Load Balancer & Firewall

From your cloud control panel, you can easily manage your firewall and load balancer to suit your usage and security needs.

Secure Dedicated IP Address

We provide you with a dedicated IPv4 address to help boost the performance, speed, and security of your websites. Extra IPs are also available for clients who need them.

Easy-to-manage Private Network

Define your private network from your cloud control panel and add multiple cloud servers to your network for extra data protection and enhanced security.

Why Choose Our Cloud Server Services?

We believe in keeping it simple while giving you a ton more than you can ever bargain for. With N6 Cloud Servers, you are guaranteed robust cloud infrastructure that offers fast and reliable solutions for all VPS uses. When you choose N6 Cloud, you are also choosing

Superfast Cloud Servers

Our cloud hardware is future-ready, which is why we confidently guarantee peak performance from our dedicated resources. Enjoy speeds like no other with our maximum uptime on infrastructure backed with automated failover.

Round-The-Clock Professional Support

We provide 24/7 customer support all year long. Got any concerns, questions, or ideas? We are available to offer expert guidance. Call us, Email us, or live chat for instant assistance.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

At N6 Cloud, we understand our clients deserve assurances, which is why we guarantee 99.9% uptime. We sustain this by maintaining a super mix of powerful hardware, dedicated private networks, and the best data centers. If you ever experience downtime, we will provide you with free credits, as per our SLA Agreement.

State-Of-The-Art Data Centers

All our servers are located in expertly managed data centers located in strategic locations worldwide to enable you to avoid network latency no matter where you or your clients are.

Secure Private Networks

Step up the security and reliability of your website by using our cloud control panel to define your private network and add multiple cloud server instances to it.

Extra Resources at Unbeatable Rates

At N6 Cloud, we always provide more, and for our cloud servers, you will be allocated more CPU, RAM, and IO resources at rates that our competitors can never match.

The Perfect Canadian Cloud Hosting Plans for You

The future is already at hand, and you cannot afford to be slowed down when the most reliable cloud servers are here. With N6 Cloud Servers, you get to have a ton more with every plan you choose. All our plans include

Cloud ServerVPS Hosting
Hourly Billing. Only pay for what you use with our pay-as-you-go solution, where you are charged per hour.
Monthly flat rates. Offer monthly flat rates for the different packages offered.
SAN Storage.(Servers’ data stored on Raid 10 SAS SSD hard drives for guaranteed data availability)
100% Local SSD NVMe storage (For the maximum IO performance and speeds 5x faster than SSD hard drives)
Defined Private Networks (For better security and protection of your data)
Access to Multiple servers (Add as many servers as you need to your private network)
Customer manageable External firewall
High-powered Load Balancers (To improve request rates and rapidly distribute data across multiple servers)

Be the Boss With Our Powerful Cloud Servers Control Panel

You never have to wait for our tech team to help you manage your cloud servers when our powerful control panel can do so much. From your end, you can easily start, stop, reboot, reinstall, and rebuild your servers with a few clicks. Effortlessly manage your cloud servers without worrying about the technical bit. You have one-click options to take & restore snapshots, access your backup & restore data, manage your private network, firewall, and configure your load balancers, among other tasks.

Instant and Easy Setup & Upgrades

Instant and Easy Setup & Upgrades

With N6 Cloud Servers, it only takes seconds to set up and deploy your cloud infrastructure. From your customer control panel, you will equally have ease upgrading your cloud servers.

Stay Secure with N6 Cloud – Define Your Private Network

As a cloud server client with N6 Cloud, you will get a virtual private network on a dedicated virtual network that you can define and manage. This way, you get to have full control over how secure your applications will be, all from one control panel with a few clicks.

Stay Secure with N6 Cloud – Define Your Private Network

Stay Safe with N6 Cloud - Automated Backup & Instant Recovery

We offer affordable automated backups, so you can always be confident of having access to your data even after a tragedy. Our backups are instant, and you also get to choose the data you want to be backed up.

100% Transparency and Control in Pricing

Never has it been easier to track how much you spend on cloud servers than with N6 Cloud. Our pricing is fully transparent as we offer:
● Hourly Billing Our cloud servers automatically track your usage, and we bill you by the hour. Your rates are determined by the resources you use, as you can easily configure your CPU Cores, RAM, and SSD storage to suit your usage needs and pay for utilized resources at the end of the month.
● Option to Start or Stop Any Time Only need your cloud servers to run for a week or a few hours? With N6 Cloud, you can choose when to start, stop, or upgrade your cloud servers.

Get the Power of Cloud Servers From a Team That Is Ever Here for You

With N6 Cloud Service you get to work with a team with over 20 years of experience in web hosting and one that is invested in your success.

Unleash the power you need with our cloud servers and the support of a team that is ever available 24/7, 365 days.

Our expert customer support team is ever available to attend to you 24/7, 365 days.

Open a Ticket at any time, and our team will get back to you.

When online, simple live chat with our in-house staff 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT.