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Our reliable support team provides round-the-clock assistance through our phone, chat, and ticket support channels.

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Keep your website protected

N6 Cloud Web Hosting employs state-of-the-art software and hardware to ensure that your website is heavily defended against malware, viruses, and other
forms of cyberattacks. Our system quickly detects and blocks threats to your website’s security before they cause any harm.

WordPress Optimized Servers

We have optimized our servers and runtime environment to make certain that you reap the benefits of better performance and faster load times on your WordPress website. We provide Litespeed, LSCWP Plugin, and SAN Storage Raid10 SAS SSD hard drives with all our plans to enable your website to run at incredible speeds.

Automated Smart Update

Get access to automatic smart updates for your WordPress core files and plug-ins. The Smart-AI Update guarantees that your website will never have any issues or trouble in the process of updates and upgrades.

Pre-installed WordPress

Our service grants you access to an already installed and fully optimized WordPress feature. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating databases and dealing with complex installation problems; we’ve done all that for you.

No Data Loss

We give you access to free and automated daily backups on all our plans. This way, you never have to worry about losing your data; you can easily restore your web files, databases, and emails with a few clicks.

Free SSL

With N6 Cloud web hosting, you gain access to “Let’s Encrypt” free SSL and the AutoSSL plugin in your cPanel. This plug-in enables you to get your SSL license quickly and renew your certificates automatically.

Optimized WordPress

Our N6 Cloud Managed WordPress hosting plans come with optimized WordPress, including super cache, SEO, anti-spam, and security plug-ins. Also, you can choose to install a fresh WordPress with a click and optimize it the way you like.

Get access to WP-CLI/SSH

This command-line interface enables you to configure installations, update plug-ins, and do lots more. Advanced users will undoubtedly derive immeasurable benefits from this feature.

Seamless Migration

We provide you with a free migration toolkit, or you can ask our team to do the transfer for you. In most cases, we can migrate your site from your current hosting provider to N6 Cloud at no cost at all!

Staging & Testing

With our staging feature, you can simply test a new design or website update on the staging environment before making any permanent changes to your live website.

Free JetPack

You hold the key to several themes and amazing features with the JetPack plug-in. Gain access to powerful tools such as CDN, image lazy-loading,
automated social media posting, and site statistics.

Free CDN

Easily fusible with CloudFlare free services, You can connect your website to CloudFlare to have a faster website. With CDN, your website visitors will connect to the closest CDN server in their proximity. Therefore they’ll get an ultra-fast and unrivaled page load experience.

Migrate your WordPress website quickly and easily

Migrate your WordPress website from your current hosting service provider without affecting its performance using our Automated Migration Toolkit. With this service, you can quickly transfer your WordPress website to our servers in a few easy steps. Our Automated Migration Toolkit is incredibly helpful and can be easily utilized by individuals who do not possess any previous technical knowledge. We also have a dedicated team of support staff with years of experience at your command. They will help you troubleshoot issues and navigate unfamiliar territory.

Migrate your WordPress website quickly and easily

All your WordPress hosting essentials in one place

All N6 Cloud Managed WordPress hosting plans come with a powerful WordPress management interface rich in features and simple in technicality. It includes a free WordPress toolkit and access to a friendly and intuitive cPanel. The advanced features and Smart functionalities that our system provides allow just  about anyone to easily install, configure, and manage a WordPress website. With easy installation, smart updates, security management, advanced premium features, and optimized services, combined with the reliable support of our experienced customer support team, you can rest assured and truly focus on growing your website.

WordPress installation at the push of a button

Our hosting plans help you avoid the cumbersome and multi-instructional process of installing WordPress and enable you to install WordPress quickly and easily. To install, all simply log into your cPanel, click on your domain name and select “Install WordPress.” WordPress will be installed in just one click; it’s really that simple.

Avoid downtimes with automatic smart updates

Updates and upgrades can take a toll on your website’s performance, making you lag behind and lose money, traffic, and engagement due to prolonged website disruptions. With N6 Cloud automatic smart WordPress updates, you can maximize site performance and minimize downtimes. Simply enable the smart updates option, and the AI will automatically update your WordPress core files, themes, and plug-ins. What’s better is that these updates happen in a completely safe environment so that they pose no risk to your live website. The AI will look over updates’ results and apply the changes to your live site if there are no issues. Otherwise, there will be no changes to your live site, and you’ll get a notification about the problems.

Stage, clone, change, test, and go live!

With just a click, you can clone your WordPress website and create a staging environment for the safe testing of new features like updates and plug-ins. Staging is the safest, fastest, and most comfortable way to deploy and test a WordPress website. You can easily sync the changes made in the staging environment with the live site should you find them desirable and up to your expectations.

Protect your website against security threats

You must already know how crucial it is to ensure that your site is as secure as possible. Our automated WordPress security audits and real-time scans give you all the tools you need to scan and protect your website from viruses, hackers, malware, and other security risks. All the updates we provide are based on expert recommendations by WordPress community professionals.

Protect your website against security threats

Easy Plugin Management and Hand-picked Plugin Collections

Installing plug-ins and themes has never been easier. With N6 Cloud Managed WordPress hosting, you can easily install, activate, deactivate, manage, or choose to delete your plug-ins. You can also manage all your installed plug-ins in one place across some or all of your websites. Alternatively, you may opt to use one of our pre-configured and hand-picked plug-in collections, which are available to be installed with just the click of a button.

Maintenance, Debugging, and Back-up tools anytime, anywhere

You can keep your audience informed while you carry out crucial maintenance tasks such as backups, restores, and debugging. You can check your website to prevent any barriers, create backups of your files and databases, or restore backups. The tools we provide allow you to quickly put up a custom message informing users during these maintenance times.

Design a fully functional website with no code

Want to build beautiful and responsive website pages but have trouble writing code? We give you access to a range of professional and easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builders. With website builders and the drag-and-drop creative power they put in your hands, you can design and edit your web pages without having to write a single line of code. Regarding which WordPress page builder works best, you have a choice to make between the Gutenberg editor (which comes pre-installed with your WordPress installation), Elementor, BoldGrid, Divi builder, WP Bakery, and Visual composer.


A powerful drag-and-drop page builder to create a custom WordPress site


Customize your WordPress site in minutes! More than 200 free Templates.

Divi Builder

Create elegant WordPress layouts with ease.

WP Bakery

Create stunning website content with simple drag and drop.

Visual composer

Easy-to-use editor. Visual Composer is one of the most advanced WordPress site builders.

Fire up your website with Jetpack

Armed with the latest version of Imunify360, our servers offer total protection for your website by intuitively detecting and blocking attacks. our servers are equipped with a multi-layered defense system that targets and eradicates viruses and malware with accuracy and precision. Also, our service platform

blazingly fast Managed WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress hosting in 3, 2, 1…

Ask many people what is important for search engine ranking? They will talk about things like keywords and back-links. Most people seem to forget how crucial site speed is to your website’s successful ranking on search engine rankings. A survey carried out by top-ranking SEO analysts determined that ever since Google’s algorithm update, site speed has become a direct ranking factor on a website’s performance in search engines. We recognize the importance of website speed. Therefore, we made it our priority to offer blazingly fast Managed WordPress Hosting. All plans run on WordPress optimized servers and infrastructure, including Litespeed web server, LSCWP plugin, SAN Storage with Raid 10 SAS SSD hard drives. This WordPress optimized environment enables us to offer you Managed WordPress hosting that is rivaled only by the speed of light.

Help your pages load faster

What happens when you visit a website that doesn’t load pages quickly enough? In one study, it was gathered that as little as a one-second delay could lead to a drop in conversions by as much as 7%, and when asked, 43% of respondents said that a slow page load time was enough reason never to visit a website again. The amount of time it takes a page to load on your site is critical for guaranteeing your web visitors a good user experience.

Hosting speed as you’ve never seen

We give you access to a Litespeed web server in all our managed WordPress hosting plans. Litespeed is a premier web server with powerful caching capabilities that provides web-acceleration solutions that enable you to deploy cutting-edge technologies to enhance your website’s performance. Also, You get access to the Litespeed cache plug-in for WordPress (LSCWP) – an all-in-one plug-in featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features that accelerate your WordPress site speed. The Litespeed and LSCWP plug-in:

Access to our advanced storage-system

With N6 Cloud managed WordPress hosting, you never have to live in fear of losing your data ever again. We ensure that all your website’s files and data are stored on SAN Storage with Raid 10 SAS SSD disks. This Storage-System allows you to expand your storage capacity quickly and easily. Also, It provides up to a 24X boost in your website’s speed compared to local SSD drives.

Prices that fit your pockets and priorities

Here at N6 Cloud, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best services on the market. In line with our mission, we allocate more CPU, RAM, and I/O resources at lower prices than what you are bound to find available anywhere else. With prices so friendly, a dedicated team of support staff at your fingertips, along with all other premium features we offer, one can easily see why N6 Cloud hosting is the best option for your WordPress website.